What's it like studying in Washington

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What's it like studying in Washington

Choosing your study destination can be a tough decision to make, but in the end it’s all worth it. To ease your decision-making process, find out what’s it like studying in Washington D.C. in our new blog.
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Washington D.C. is ranked third among the top ten cities for attracting college students by the American Institute of Economic Research. Numerous young individuals study in the capital of the United States for its energetic atmosphere, limitless opportunities and vibrant community. But what’t it like studying in Washington?

Endless things to do and places to see

In Washington D.C. there is simply never enough time to see everything. The Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court are three renowned neoclassical structures that serve as symbols of the city's towering monuments and architecture. Additionally, it is the location of renowned museums and performance spaces like the Kennedy Center.

Incredible foodie scene

The Washington area has one of the most lively restaurant cultures in the whole United States, from wood-burning Levantine cooking in Navy Yard, West End hotspot, and diverse Mediterranean flavors to lengthy lines forming for Filipino-American fast food at a downtown food hall.

Job opportunities and networking

The key to success is networking because the individuals you meet along the route can help you move up the ladder to numerous potential opportunities. D.C. is a city of professionals, so you can find a job, an internship, or a research opportunity there. Make sure you introduce yourself and test the waters for the opportunities that may be around the corner, whether you are a leader in the non-profit sector, a corporate innovator, or another industry.

Cultural diversity

Washington D.C. is the most varied city you will ever find. Although the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and belief systems prevalent in one area may at first seem overwhelming, you will rapidly get used to it. Students not only develop a greater grasp of various social constructions, but also of the world in general. One of their greatest benefits in the near future, both professionally and personally, will be their intercultural competencies.

Do you see yourself studying in the capital of the United States? If so, why not try one of our programs based in Washington D.C.? An Executive MBA en gestion hôtelière avec Day-1 CPT would be a great option, as it enables you to discover the benefits of hybrid learning and get hired immediately after graduation. Check out our site Internet for more information or send an email to admissions@pihospitalityacademy.com.

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