Things you should know about wine tasting

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Things you should know about wine tasting

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you just like to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, here are some of the basic things you should know about wine tasting.
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Everyone should experience wine tasting at least once in their lifetime because it is an enjoyable and exquisite activity. In addition to the wines alone, the experience is delightful due to the social interactions and acquired understanding of basic wine etiquette. We know it could become overwhelming if you've never been to such an event because you won't know what to expect or how to behave, but we’re here to help you with things you should know about wine tasting. 

Notice the color and hue

It’s a good idea to evaluate your wine’s color on a white background. Notice the color - is it yellow, rose or red? Perhaps ruby, garnet or pale yellow? If you look closely, you might also notice different hues. A yellow wine can have orange, green or golden hues and a red wine can display purple, blueish or brownish tones. A taster can tell that a wine is concentrated by its deeper, richer colors. Young wines that are lacking in color will be lighter, less ripe, and more acidic in flavor.

Swirl the wine

It's been estimated that up to 85% of taste comes from the sense of smell. But before gently swirling your glass, you must first smell the wine. If you're just starting out, swirl the glass but maintain the stem firmly on the table. While covering the glass at the same time, spinning your glass allows oxygen to penetrate the wine. This causes the wine to release its aromas into the air.

Sense the aromas

Now that you’ve taken a good look at your wine and you swirled it, it’s time to activate your smelling senses! It is said that most of your taste actually comes from smell, so be prepared to sniff and notice the different aromas. To understand the different aromas, take a look at this aroma wheel created by

Sip, sip!

After using your eyes and nose to examine the wine, it is finally time to use your taste. Take small sips and notice the taste. Is it long-lingering or short? Is it ripe or fresh? Is it acidic or more on the sweeter side? All these elements can tell a lot about the wine that’s in the glass and will make it more recognizable.

Wine tastings around our Campuses

Are you currently studying at Hospitality Academy, at our Washington, Los Angeles, or Miami campuses, and would like to experience a wine tasting? Worry not, we have just the perfect recommendations for you!

Washington DC: 

Los Angeles:


Now that you’re familiar with the most important things you should know about wine tasting, would you like to take your knowledge one step further and apply to a Food & Beverage study program? Hospitality Academy is your go-to school for achieving excellence in this industry. To learn more about our programs and educational offers, schedule a call with us ici or send an email to

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