All You Need to Know About Hospitality Academy's Advanced Diplomas

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All You Need to Know About Hospitality Academy's Advanced Diplomas

Here’s all you need to know about Hospitality Academy’s Advanced Diplomas and their requirements.
Author: Cosmina Bradea

Our Advanced Diplomas are ideal to kick-start your hospitality career in Europe. Located in one of the most famous cities in Spain, Barcelona, these programs are specially designed for the modern hospitality student with the scope of enhancing their education and experience with insightful courses, well-thought assessments and real-world internships. 

Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts

Students can advance in a culinary career with the help of our Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts. The various modules in this six-month program teach students about various cuisines and techniques used to prepare food around the world. Students will also have the opportunity to do an internship during which time they will be able to put their theoretical knowledge to use. Students who successfully complete this diploma will have fresh information, education, and global practical experience to add to their resumes and launch them into lucrative careers in the food business.

Advanced Diploma in Food & Beverage

In this six-month diploma program, students will learn about the various aspects of bars and restaurants as well as the cocktail culture while analyzing and putting into practice the hygienic-sanitary requirements and regulations pertaining to food and beverage production/service units. Students will have fresh information, education, and worldwide practical experience after successfully completing this program.

Advanced Diploma in Events

This diploma is made up of various courses that instruct students on the value of marketing and its instruments in contemporary businesses, as well as on its key characteristics, those of the market, and the factors that influence current changes. Students will also learn how to plan events, recognize their traits and resource requirements, and accomplish the suggested goals. This will assist students in gaining the knowledge they need to develop the abilities and qualifications for professions that require management and design responsibilities in the sales introduction.

Advanced Diploma in Rooms Division (Front Desk & Housekeeping)

The Advanced Diploma in Rooms Division is divided in Front Desk and Housekeeping, depending on which specialization you want. The curriculum is made up of various modules that will teach students the operations and standards that happen behind the Housekeeping department, or the procedures that the Front Desk department uses. Additionally, it will provide them the proficiency in English they need to use the customer service and communication skills. 


  • High School diploma and necessary transcripts
  • Advanced English proficiency 

Not only will you learn essential hospitality skills, but you will also get accredited certification recognized by the Spanish government, which will open new doors and opportunities for you in Europe. Do you want to sign up for one of our Advanced Diplomas in Barcelona? Send an email to or sign up on our website!

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