All You Need to Know About Hospitality Academy’s MBAs

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All You Need to Know About Hospitality Academy’s MBAs

Did you know that we offer specialized MBA programs? Read on to find out how these programs can help shape your future in the hospitality industry!
Author: Cosmina Bradea

Accredited education

The accredited education provided by Hospitality Academy has been tailored to the needs of the modern hospitality sector. Through our programs, students can gain real-world experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels all around the world.

Our Executive MBAs are specially designed for those in the hospitality industry who want to advance their expertise in:

  • Business management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership.

International focus

The MBA program's international focus allows it to cover a wide range of topics, including management techniques, economics, marketing, and a variety of electives in hospitality tailored to each student. Through this program, students have the freedom to continue their education while pursuing their careers from day one.

Our Admissions Specialists will make sure we connect you with the ideal luxury hotel or restaurant where you may obtain relevant job experience in your desired industry before the start of your program in the USA. You can choose to work at any upscale establishment in the United States because the program only requires students to appear in school twice per semester.

Let's move on to the details. The MBA is a two-year program. As long as you regularly attend classes at the campus of your choice, you can be located anywhere in the United States. The mandatory on-site classes take place approximately one weekend every semester in Miami and Los Angeles, and two weekends per semester in Washington. 

Course prerequisites: 

  • Any field-specific, recognized Bachelor's degree
  • Advanced English competences.

This MBA opens your doors to the hospitality industry with the possibility of working as the Front Office Manager, F&B Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and many other higher level positions! 

Upon completion of your studies, you will get a chance to work for an additional 12 months in the USA! This enables you to return home with 3 years of paid specialized work experience in the industry which will propel your career! If you wish to live out your American dream, Hospitality Academy will help you to take your career to the next level! Along with matching you with the perfect job opportunity, the school provides visa assistance to all its students and helps with the process. Contact us here or via email at to achieve your dreams!

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