Best spring break activities

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Best spring break activities

Everyone has different interests and objectives when it comes to spring break ideas, but most of them have one thing in common: fun and the sun.
Author: Cosmina Bradea

Spring break is the ideal time to unwind, refuel, and psychologically get ready for the last few weeks of classes, papers, and examinations after a long winter of studying.

Visit a popular spring break destination

The most famous spring break destinations are Miami, Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, and Daytona Beach.  

  • In Miami, Florida, college spring breakers often stay in and around South Beach, although they occasionally venture into the vibrant nightlife of Magic City.
  • Panama City Beach in Florida prides itself as the "Spring Break Capital of the World" and "The World's Most Beautiful Beach”. 
  • South Padre Island is located in Texas and more than 120,000 spring breakers have visited it during the past years. 
  • Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are all located in Orlando, which is roughly 50 miles from Daytona Beach in Florida, frequently referred to as the Atlantic Ocean's first spring break beach.

Road Trip through the state

Consider having a road trip through your state if you’re not a fan of the hectic nightlife and day drinking. Visit the landmarks, parks, and cities as you get more familiar with your new home. You don’t necessarily need a car for this activity, instead you can use the train or the bus. Make sure to plan ahead and make a travel itinerary, so you won’t miss any important spots! 


Camping can be enjoyable, and if your school friends have other plans, you won't be alone because there are group vacations you can book. Besides, this activity is an opportunity to learn new skills, connect with nature and stay in shape. So, pack your camping bag and enjoy the nature in a new adventure outside of the urban area! 
We hope the upcoming Spring Break will give you many opportunities to relax and unwind. No matter which activities you choose, Hospitality Academy wishes you a great and fun time! If you want to become a Hospitality Academy student, we recommend you schedule a call with our Specialists here or send us an email at to get started!

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