Best study spots in Barcelona

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Best study spots in Barcelona

Studying in such a lively place like Barcelona can be a hassle sometimes, but we’ve got you covered! There are multiple study spots where you can study in complete relaxation and silence.
Author: Cosmina Bradea

If you're a student in Barcelona, you're definitely seeking a peaceful study spot away from your busy home. You might be surprised by how many places there are for a relaxing study session in a bustling city like Barcelona. There are multiple locations for those who are looking for something different, even though libraries are the most obvious option you will probably think of. Everything depends on the person and the environment you're going for. Stay with us as we highlight Barcelona's top cozy study spots.

Babèlia Books & Coffee

This café can be found on Villarroel Street in the Sant Antoni neighborhood. Here, you may pick from a huge selection of books, teas, and coffees. You can use your own books or computer to study at this library/café. A cheerful and soothing setting for some focused time. It is open every day, so stop making excuses and get to studying!

Alma Libre

Alma Libre is a hidden gem in Eixample that serves a wide range of vegan cuisine alternatives and coffee. Despite being small, the restaurant provides a lovely ambiance with lots of light, plants, and great music to keep you calm while you’re studying. Although they provide reasonably priced coffee, they are better renowned for their enormous selection of freshly produced juices. They provide a fantastic variety of vegan and nutritious options to nourish your brain in addition to the healthy juices.

Laie Libreria Café

The Laie Café situated in the center of Barcelona has two floors; the lower floor is a bookstore, while the upper level is a restaurant and café. Thus, it has a restaurant and a library of its own. Read a book, relax with a coffee and snack, and sit down. You can find a private space in a corner or at a table to collaborate with others.

Parc de La Ciutadella

One of Barcelona's most well-known parks is without a doubt Parc de la Ciutadella. This is the study spot to go if you want to work quietly and in nice weather. Bring a blanket, choose a spot on the grass, lay your books down, and take in the enchanting scenery. When surrounded by nature, you will feel more relaxed and study better!

Gardens of Laribal

In search of a more quiet version of Parc de la Ciutadella? Visit the Gardens of Laribal, a hidden gem ideal for studying or relaxing. This tranquil garden, situated on the Montjuïc slopes between the MNAC and the Miró Foundation, will completely steal your heart. Covered in numerous trees and lovely fountains, this area is undiscovered by the majority of tourists. The Gardens of Laribal are the only peaceful outdoor study spots in Barcelona where you may work or just relax while reading a book.

Now that you know the best study spots in Barcelona, so you also want to also know which are the best libraries in Barcelona? Read our previous article on Barcelona’s greatest libraries. If Barcelona is your ideal destination for studying abroad, do not hesitate to check Hospitality Academy’s available programs. Besides offering top hospitality programs in high-end destinations around the world, Hospitality Academy will also help you find your dream job in the industry!

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