How to Create the Best LinkedIn Profile?

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How to Create the Best LinkedIn Profile?

With over 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is probably one of the most powerful networking tools nowadays, and if you know how to properly use it, you will land some of the best opportunities for both professional and personal development.
Author: Cosmina Bradea

A professional LinkedIn profile will help you build an online professional brand, which can help you access possibilities and networks that you might not have known about otherwise. Your profile not only gives recruiters and employers their first professional impression of you, but it also establishes your credibility in your field and draws attention to your accomplishments. But what are actually the steps to build a professional LinkedIn profile?

  1. Choose the right profile picture

We won’t say first impressions matter, but they do on social media. The first step in creating a profile is choosing a suitable profile picture. Don’t forget to use a recent, high-quality picture that frames your face nicely. And remember, your smile is your virtual business card! Besides, make sure to add a background picture that fits with the overall design of your profile.

  1. Write a summary about yourself 

I like to think that your summary is your passport to new connections. Your “About” section should include a brief description of your skills, passions, as well as a personal statement. Highlight what you’re truly like and what makes you stand out from the crowd. 

  1. Showcase your experience, education, skills, and certifications

Add your work experience, volunteering, education, skills, certifications, and any other achievements that you consider relevant for your profile and career goals. LinkedIn is like an online resume, where you can share what actually markets you as a professional. 

  1. Get recommendations

It’s important to ask the people you worked or collaborated with to write you recommendations. These are great to build your credibility and highlight that your skills, education or work experience are not just figments of your imagination.

  1. Be active

Don’t forget to post from time to time on your LinkedIn page! Share your achievements, articles or posts you found interesting, engage with comments and likes, and join groups. Think of LinkedIn like any other social media platform, but more professional. 

Make sure to use LinkedIn to its fullest by optimizing your profile, market your abilities, and support your accomplishments. Visitors should find your page visually appealing and find it simple to understand who you are and what you can actually accomplish for them professionally.

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