The Best Free Study Apps

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The Best Free Study Apps

Do you want to know which study apps can help you with learning? Read our newest blog to see the best additions for your phone or tablet!
Author: Cosmina Bradea

We know studying can be difficult sometimes, but we have the perfect solution: study apps to help you with effective learning. It's simple to become buried in notes and concepts when studying. To help you construct flashcards, mind maps, generate citations, focus, and work effectively, we've compiled the top study apps.

Study Bunny: Focus Timer

This app is great for when you really want to focus on studying and doing schoolwork. When you feel like you can’t focus anymore, just press “Pause” on the app and it will give you motivational advice to keep going! You can also invite your friends to study together. 


This clever app uses the camera on your phone to scan a book's barcode and generate a citation in the MLA, Chicago, or other format required by your institution. It’s a must for anyone struggling with citations!


Users are given the option to upload class materials, make electronic flashcards, and take practice tests. Use powerful study tools to ace your exams and assignments!


This app is similar to StudyBlue, however you can also access the study materials of other students and create personal learning goals. 

Forest: Focus for Productivity

Forest is a similar app to Study Bunny. You plant a seed in the forest when you want to put your phone down and focus on studying. As you keep studying, the seed will continue to grow into a tree, but if you interrupt your study time, your tree will start to dry. 

All of these study apps are designed to aid you in various ways with your academic performance and offer you an advantage in exams. Have you already signed up for a study program at Hospitality Academy? If not, don’t forget to do so now! Check out our courses, diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s on our website and get started soon.

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