Job Search Visa Spain

The Job Search Visa is a residence permit granted to non-EU citizens who have finished their studies 
in Spain so they can extend their time in the country for one additional year.
Required Documents
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It is Non- Renewable- It is non-renewable and you can only apply for it 60 days before the expiration of your student NIE until 90 days after its expiration.

Online process- As the job search visa scheme is new, the process is done entirely online.

Processing time- The standard processing time is supposed to be 20 days but in reality it can vary from 20 days to three months.

Dependents can apply for the visa too- You can include any dependents in the visa who relied on you during your studies.

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Physical presence in Spain at the time of application

You must have finished your studies in order to apply for this visa. The studies need to be a minimum level of 6 that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, and it can also be a Masters’s degree (level 7) or a Ph.D. that (level 8).

Sufficient Economic Funds- You should have sufficient funds in your to finance your stay in Spain. Your initial funds in your account should be at least 600 euros per month of stay. For example, if you are applying for a student visa for 1 year you should have 600x12 = 7200 euros in your bank account when applying.

Health Insurance Coverage- You should either have a public or a private health insurance that covers you during your stay in Spain.

You can apply for the Job Search Visa 60 days before your Student Visa expires or 90 days after it expires.

Not all universities or schools will work. The exact study and university must be inside a list given by the government.

Students studying together. Group of young people sitting together at the table while two cheerful women looking at the digital tablet and smiling

Required Documents

Application form EX-01

Passport (valid for 6 more months after the the end of your visa)

Copy of your NIE

City Registry Document (Empadronamiento)

Health insurance

Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay (bank statements of the last 6 months)

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Get a chance to study in one of the most hospitable countries in the world.

The application process is really fast, lasting a maximum of 20 days.

Once you have the Job Search Visa, you get a period of 12 months to find a job and get the Spanish residency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work in Spain with this visa?

No, you are NOT allowed to work in Spain with this visa. This visa is only a temporary residence permit for you to look for a job.

How do I know if my university/studies are valid for the post-study visa?

Before applying to a university you may want to check if your university is on the list of valid universities for the post-graduate study visas. You can click on this link to find the list of universities that are valid for this kind of visa. If you apply at a uni that is not on the list, your application will get denied.

What happens once I have found a job?

Once you find a job you need to move from a job seeking visa to a work permit. There are two possible work permits:

- Work permit as self-eymployed worker ("por cuenta propia")
If you want to set up your own business, this will be the path to follow. In that sense, there are two options available: doing it trough the entrepreneur visa (if your project is innovative and involves a high level of technology), or going through the regular way.

- Work permit as an employee ("por cuenta ajena")In this case, the first step will be to find a job offer from a company willing to hire you. It is important that the job you find is related to your previous studies, and require the abilities that correspond to your level of education.

Here you also have two options: applying for a regular work permit, or getting one as a highly qualified worker (if your salary is over 40.000€ per year and we are talking about a technical or managerial position).

In the first case the Entrepreneur’s Law will be the applicable one, and in the latter the General Immigration Law. And this has an important implication. Because if the general Immigration Law is applicable, then the national situation of unemployment will be taken into consideration.

If there is a Spanish national or a legal resident who is willing to take that same job as you, she will have priority.

Only in really specific cases (as when you are the children or spouse of a resident in the country, children of a Spanish citizen by origin, etc.) you will have that priority too. Nevertheless, the government stated that if not getting that specific job would risk your ability to possess enough financial means, then the national situation of employment could be skipped.

But if the general rule applies, you can only get that job if there are no other Spanish citizens suitable or willing to be hired by the company.

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