Emerging hotel concepts and the future of the lodging industry

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Emerging hotel concepts and the future of the lodging industry

The hospitality industry is ever-changing, with many innovations and new concepts emerging almost everyday. What will the future of the lodging industry look like?

Ever wondered what hotels in the future will look like? Did you imagine yourself sleeping in a glamorous skyscraper in a room with a translucent ceiling that lets you reach for the stars? Or rather be submerged in a giant underwater complex that enables you to literally sleep with the fish. What about sleeping in zero gravity whilst circulating our precious blue planet? 

Well, all these fantasies might soon be reality! Actually, there are already hotels that fit such a description quite well. One could argue that we are in fact already living the future. So here are some futuristic hotels and lodges that offer you a unique experience that could be taken straight from a movie!

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is the highest hotel in the world and it might not have a translucent ceiling that allows you to reach for the stars, but quite frankly, the extraordinary service in this luxury hotel will make you feel like the star. It is considered Dubai’s most iconic hotel and demonstrates a global idol of Arabian luxury. One step into this stunning establishment is enough to make you feel blue-blooded and give you a peek into what it means to afford a lavish lifestyle.

On the other hand, hotels or lodges such as the WonderINN in Norway, the Sky Lodge in Peru, or the Aurora Glass Cabin at Star Arctic Hotel in Finland all deliver on the promise of spectacular natural views. Afraid to miss the sunrise or sunset? Well, these rooms are designed so that you will not miss these sights under any circumstances. Still, these hotels and lodges are ideal for anyone that wants to disconnect from bright monitors or desktop screens and find the perfect getaway from busy daily life.

Next, underwater suites are no longer a fantasy. The Atlantis the Palm in Dubai, the Manta Resort in Tanzania and the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore all provide you with the opportunity to experience life underwater, and in class. Stunning underwater surroundings will be awaiting you when you wake up and allow you to rise and shine with the great white sharks. These submerged rooms are any diver’s or marine biologist’s lifelong dream as they provide mesmerizing views of coral reefs and ocean life. Fans of movies such as Jaws, The Abyss or The Little Mermaid will feel right at home and in their natural element when visiting such innovative properties.

Furthermore, the world’s first floating hotel resort is about to open. And as you probably already guessed, it will be in Dubai! This Sea Palace floating resort will be comprised of a main hotel which will be surrounded by six individual floating houses. These floating houses will even be able to detach and float away on their own (how far away is still to be determined). The opening day also needs to still be announced, as constructions are currently around 70% completed, however, viewings can already be requested.

Last but not least, space tourism is coming, and it is literally breathtaking! If you would like to get the chance to work at these futuristic hotels, we can provide you with the necessary education and experience to embark on a life-changing journey! Hospitality Academy not only offers the best hospitality study programs but also extensive experience in the luxury hospitality field. So, what are you waiting for? Travel to the future with us! Send an email to admissions@pihospitalityacademy.com to get more information about our courses.

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