Work and Study in The USA: How to Get an F1 Visa

Work and Study in The USA: How to Get an F1 Visa

the USA provides some of the highest-paid and prestigious jobs in the world. Find out in this article how Hospitality Academy can help you acquire a US F1 (study) visa and ensure that you work while studying in the USA.

Author: Chris Robinson

Every year, untold hundreds of thousands of professionals and students alike attempt to bring their careers to the USA. Reasons for this can range from increased opportunities in the US, a fascination with the culture, and even just being closer to some of the most beautiful man-made and natural wonders that the country has to offer.

While there are several reasons for people to try to move to the USA, there is an equal number of hurdles stopping them from achieving this goal, at the center of this is the visa process. The visa process for the USA is notoriously difficult, and those looking to stay for a longer period or even to work there can find it difficult to navigate the ins and outs of the process.

Fortunately, there are multiple visa options available for students and professionals alike to take advantage of all of the benefits of living in the USA, one of which is the F1 student visa. In this article, we will be explaining the ins and outs of the f1 visa process and telling you exactly how it can benefit your hospitality career.

What is the F1 visa?​

The F1 visa is a visa type dedicated to international students who want to study in the USA in a government-approved institution temporarily. Essentially the idea of this visa is to allow international students to take advantage of the amazing education system in the USA before going back home. Now, this idea but what does it let you do in practice?

What does it let you do?​

First and foremost, the visa lets students enter the USA and stay in the country throughout the entire duration of their education, without needing to return home or renew the visa. This is the most obvious allowance of the visa, but there is also another aspect of the visa that maybe isn’t as well-known as the first, this is the CPT and the OPT. Let’s go over them both quickly

CPT stands for Curricular Practical Training. Put simply; a CPT is essentially a paid internship that you can do during your US education in a position that is directly related to your field of study.

The OPT, on the other hand, stands for Optional Practical Training Again, this is a paid internship in a position related to your field of study except this can be done after you have graduated from your US education, essentially allowing you to stay an extra year.

Both the CPT and the OPT will allow you to take part in paid work in the USA without applying for a separate visa type. Not bad, huh? So now you know what exactly you can do with this visa, what are the requirements of the F1 visa?

The requirements:​

  1. Be enrolled in an "academic" educational program, with a school approved by the US government
  2. Proficiency in English or be enrolled in courses leading to English proficiency
  3. Possess sufficient funds for self-support throughout the entire proposed duration of the study
  4. Maintain a residence in your home country (or place of permanent residence) Which you have no intention of giving up

So the requirements of the F1 visa can vary from time to time, however, the ones above are the ones that most people will run into, so let's go through them one by one :

1. This should come as a surprise to no one: to get the F1 student visa, you will need to be an enrolled student of a US higher educational institution and be able to prove it with an enrolment letter.

2. To navigate the USA and truly benefit from their education system, you will need to speak a high level of English, that’s why the embassy will ask you to provide proof that you are proficient in English

3. You will also need to show that you, or your immediate family, have enough funds to pay for you to do your course and survive in the USA without needing to work. This actually depends on the course you are pursuing and the state that you’re planning to do it in so there is not so much of a “set amount”

4. Okay this one is a little bit more complicated but it boils down to proving that you have a place to live in your own country so there is less risk of you illegally overstaying. It is better if it comes from your funds but it can also be from your parents. This can also be accompanied by documents that prove you have a solid life in your home country and you are going to return home after you have finished studying.

Once you have all of the documents and have submitted them to the embassy, you will most likely have to go through an interview. The questions in this interview will vary but will most likely be asking:

Why did you choose the USA to study instead of your own country?
How are you funding your education and your lifestyle in the USA?
What is your current grade point average?
What are your plans upon graduation?

This interview will be finding out whether or not you have chosen to apply for the F1 visa for the right reasons and you are intending to stick to the limitations.

Once you’ve completed the interview, all you need to do is wait for your visa to be stamped and pack your bags!

How can Hospitality Academy help you?​

So now we have gone through, more or less everything you need to know about the F1 visa, let’s move on to why you should choose Hospitality Academy to help you.

Hospitality Academy is a learning and recruitment platform focussing on the hospitality industry.

Through our programs we aim to give students a better understanding of their subject, gain a meaningful qualification and, best of all, we guarantee that we can provide you with a job upon completion of our courses. We have campuses all over the world, but today let's focus on our US branch: Miami Hospitality Academy

Through Miami Academy, you can pursue an MBA in the hospitality subject of your choice while using the F1 visa. As our campus is fully accredited by the US government, you will be able to get all of the documents you need to get the F1 visa. Not only that, but through our dedicated visa team, you won't have to worry about messing up the rest of the paperwork or freezing up in your interview!

Remember when we spoke about the CPT and OPT? These are great ways to get some experience in the USA and help with your expenses in the US, however, it’s not always easy to find a company willing to host you. Fortunately, through our recruiter links in the city of Miami, we can guarantee you an internship both during and after your program upon eligibility.

Lastly, when you have graduated, the support doesn’t stop, we will continue assisting you with our employment coaching and visa assistance until you have found your dream job!

Overall, the F1 visa is filled with possibilities and potential to boost your hospitality career. All you need to do is find the right school to guide you! Through Miami Hospitality Academy, we can give you all of the necessary tools and guidance for you to bring your career to the USA and make a meaningful difference in your career. Make sure to stay up to date with our blog and youtube channel to stay up to date with all of the latest visa and hospitality news and send us your CV at if you are ready to start your US adventure today!

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Work and Study in The USA: How to Get an F1 Visa

the USA provides some of the highest-paid and prestigious jobs in the world. Find out in this article how Hospitality Academy can help you acquire a US F1 (study) visa and ensure that you work while studying in the USA.

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